Client Testimonials

Here at Bank of the Ozarks, we have had the opportunity of working with Tammie Pickard as a Keller Williams Listing Agent since 2012. We have utilized Tammie Pickard to list and sell well over 100 properties in the Manatee and Sarasota County area. These said properties, as Bank held foreclosures, were not easy sales; however, Tammie did an absolutely remarkable job overseeing these to the closing table. With her professional knowledge, skills, and motivation, she was able to obtain the absolute highest and the best price that could have been expected and within a very reasonable time.

Tammie has, without a doubt, been a great lead player in assisting our local special assets department to liquidate all of the property held in the Manatee and Sarasota area. There is no question in my mind that she will offer the same professional, courteous and efficient service to a fortunate enough to work with her.

Junie Benson, Vice President Special Assets/ OREO Manager

Tammie did a great job in short selling our condominium in Englewood, FL. I switched the listing to Keller Williams and Tammie after several phone calls with her. I had a listing with another firm for more than a year prior with not one prospect. Tammie went immediately to work and was very aggressive in seeking prospects. We listed with her in October 2011 and had a couple of lookers (despite her having to work around a tenant who was renting from us). The ability to show was greatly lessened because of the tenant. Once the tenant moved out in December Tammie really started to press. She had one offer in about February but that fizzled due to finances. When she got the final offer she put it all together in short fashion. We live in Michigan and so do the buyers. Tammie was able to work effectively despite geographic limitations. There were a lot off taxing and mailing of the massive amounts of paperwork that real estate requires and Tammie kept focused on making sure all the parties got the I's dotted and the T's crossed. Our sale closed on July 3, 2012. I would also point out that the law firm she works with for short sales and the like was effective too. We're very pleased with the way our sale was handled.


Dear Tammie, Words cannot begin to tell how you grateful we are that you kept us from making some very bad decisions while selling our home. You helped guide us through the sale by answering every question that came up. When the buyer wanted to move in prior to closing, you said no, Boy you were right! When we were looking for our final retirement home we were looking at homes that would take us 30 years to pay off. You showed us a place that we could pay off in 5 years. You cared about us than how much you would make. We call you our "Sweetheart" because you helped us when we needed the most.


Dear Tammie, Thank you so much for all you did to sell our condo in Bradenton. It sold quickly at a satisfactory price. We had listed the condo with another realtor a year ago and it did not sell so we took it off the market. you marketed the condo in an aggressive manner and we had several people look at the condo the first week. We got an offer in five days that we accepted. We were impressed with your professional attitude and manner. you kept in touch with us and answered all of our questions and our email messages in a very timely manner. You were energetic and were available at any time on any day. You kept us informed at each stage of the process which was not always easy since we live in Ohio. We were pleased to have you as our realtor and would recommend you to anyone wanting to get their property sold as quickly as possible. Again, thank you for all you did to make the selling of the condo easier for us.


Dear Tammie, Let me take a few moments of your time to Thank You for the work that you did to find a buyer for our home. It had been on the market for about a year. Some of that time it was by the owner and then with the other company. You showed the home soon after signing and continued to keep up with things and it was sold in a short time. You felt like a friend more than a realtor and your honesty and Christian ethic was refreshing. Again Thanks,


My wife and I want to thank you for selling our home and making the process as easy to understand as possible. My wife is in unbelief that it sold s fast. We have never dealt with the banks and the short sale process before and you helped us through the entire process. Even being retired in Atlanta, Georgia did not slow you down. You were able to expedite all the paperwork to us efficiently through the electronic system you have. We will not hesitate to tell all our friends and family to use you for all of their real estate dealings in the future.


Dear Tammie: I would like to say a big "thank you" for what you have done in helping me sell my house. You were always gracious, kind and helpful whenever I had any questions and took time to explain in a way that I could comprehend. Thanks for the prayers you prayed on my behalf when I had to undergo surgery and also for sale of the house. As a believer in Jesus, I believe God was instrumental in guiding the process of selling the house from beginning to end. I would recommend you to anyone also because of your professional expertise. Thanks again for all your help!


I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Tammie Pickard of Keller Williams Real Estate. We listed our condo with Tammie after interviewing several potential realtors. Tammie displayed a very positive attitude, made several suggestions on marketing our property and in a short period of only five weeks after we listed with her she sold the property. We will not hesitate to use Tammie again.


Tammie Pickard-Tollis is the most patient, and hard-working person I have ever come across. And coming from a family in which the work ethic is everything, that says a lot about Tammie's character and endurance. My house and property were unique in so many ways and posed several challenges. From the age of my house to a large amount of legal paperwork that appeared endless to resolve. Making matters worse, was an absent trustee in another state. Tammie NEVER stopped with phone calls, emails, texts, and meetings in our place until all was resolved. I was emotional, and even scared when it came to selling. I had lived there 35 years and had never sold a home let alone a 5-acre ranch. Although I had done plenty of the basic upkeep of my house and grounds, there were many features about it that were unappealing to a potential buyer. The house had the original 1980's almost everything. From old carpet and vinyl flooring to old counters in the bathrooms, and orange in the kitchen. I felt overwhelmed that I had a large, well-built home and beautiful 5-acre yard. But clients had trouble seeing beyond some of the outdated features. I was inundated with well-meaning, but conflicting advice from family and friends. Tammie, with her experience, eased me into understanding which of these could be left as is, and what truly needed to be changed to pull in a buyer. But the next dilemma was I had waited too long to put my place on the market, and could not afford to do updates. Tammie “took the bull by the horns”, as we say on the ranch. She threw herself into helping me both financially, and with her own physical labor to update my home. We spent long hours into the evenings, painting the interior of my house. She paid companies to re-tile, re-carpet, and resurface all countertops. It truly transformed my house. She brought in top-notch, non-intrusive professional photographers at no expense to me. Who took amazing shots of my place, and from angles I hadn't even known were there. The photos showed my house, barn, and grounds to their most flattering. Although she always had multiple clients, I always felt I had her full attention. She and her personal assistant Nicole were always immediate in response to any question. There was an occasion I had a simple question, about a cover for an odd-shaped doorbell that Tammie was trying to find for me. I asked Nicole if she knew if Tammie had found one. Nicole did not have the answer at that moment but said she would find out. I said it was not important, and could certainly wait. Tammie was in Japan, so I didn't expect an answer. Well, I got my answer within 20 minutes. Tammie emailed Nicole with the update on the doorbell cover. It was 2:30 am where Tammie was in Japan. This is a Realtor who is so dedicated, that in the middle of her night, in a foreign country, she will answer a question about a doorbell cover! Tammie Pickard-Tollis is a Realtor who can Move Mountains – SHE CAN AND WILL MOVE YOUR PROPERTY!